The daybreak kenomonogatarino logo of will country Tosa Era


Experience Tosa-style hospitality
And feel the will of the great historical figures
Shikoku Tosa Tokino Yoakeno Monogatari

Late Tokugawa period, Tosa

Convinced of the daybreak in Japan
Imagined a shining future
The great men of Tosa

At times intensely and ever free,
They were brought up by the magnificent nature of Tosa
The visionary character of Tosa people
Was the source of change in those times

And now

Dreamed of by the great men of Tosa, and the women who supported them
Let’s think back to their story
With magnificent nature reflected in the train window
Enjoy a luxurious time
Experiencing Tosa-style hospitality by train

The daybreak kenomonogatarino logo of will country Tosa Era

Together with Tosa’s History


Shikoku Tosa (the land of the patriots), retains the traces of men who played essential roles during the end of the Edo period, a tumultuous era in Japan.
Hanpeita Takechi, Ryoma Sakamoto, Shintaro Nakaoka, and Torataro Yoshimura of the Tosa Imperialist Party (Tosa Kinnoutou), other patriots from the end of the Edo Period, and the women who supported them courageously, all lived together in this very-same Kochi only 150 years ago.

The train runs along the trails traveled by Ryoma when he secretly left the Tosa domain at the end of the Edo period, from the castle town of Kochi through the pastoral countryside, along the coast of the blue Pacific Ocean and up through the steep mountains.

Please enjoy the train journey that tells the history of Tosa

Tosa-style hospitality

Kochi, blessed by nature, is a treasure house of fresh ingredients, both rich in seafood and mountain vegetables.

On the “Shikoku Tosa Toki no Yoakeno Monogatari” train, one can enjoy elaborately planned meals, featuring delicious ingredients harvested from along the train line, and Kochi’s unique food culture.

Fully taste the seasonal delicacies of Tosa, brought up in the grand nature spread out beyond the train window.

travel information

Guidance of trip

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JR Shikoku telephone guidance center

Telephone (0570) 00-4592

It takes 8:00-20:00/year round/call charge

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